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The difficult road

​Over the ten years I've made really hard work of running a business. I've also made really hard work of running my life. I even made REALLY hard work at becoming a mum.  I made that much hard work of it that it half killed me. The point is though, that I'm really not sure that life should be that hard. You hear people say that nothing worth achieving ever comes easy but it would have been a little bit nicer if it had been just a little bit easier.

Ending up almost where it all started is quite a fun thing. To you and everyone else, working from an office based on a golf course might not be the best thing ever, but it is to us. I get to make my own tea the way I like it, I get to use a nice clean fresh loo every day and I treat it like a second home. We even have Marks and Spencers biscuits and potted plants :) Of course you will likely agree the surroundings are beautiful on golf courses. That's all to do with the superb team that keep a golf venue at it's best but it does give us the chance to get lots of fresh air and to experience lots of lovely things about nature that you might not get to see in other places.


My Deadly Dont's

So looking back I thought I would come up with some deadly don'ts. Here are a few. There are more, but I've just picked my favourites lol :)

Don't go on a reality TV show to 'find yourself' unless you have a rich uncle to put you back together afterwards. Unless of course you have a death wish.

Don’t look at Facebook when you are feeling low. It WILL make you feel worse. Especially when it’s the middle of summer and you are staring out at the rain half freezing to death and your friends are complaining that it's too hot on their balcony in Dubai so they need another cocktail

Don’t do business with anybody with a crocked smile, unless you’ve got a another rich uncle (in addition the to the one above) to bail you out when it all goes wrong.

Don’t do a massive conference when your baby is only six weeks old unless you can afford a very expensive bra to cover your leaky bits. Unless of course, that's 'your thang'.

Don’t start running in the name of fitness if you hate every step, it gives you migraines, your back and knees hurt, you're in the physio every ten minutes and you start eating three dinners in one go. That’s not normal lol. Unless of course, you are a sadist 

Don’t give everything of yourself away. That’s of course unless you feel totally worthless, with self-esteem that’s at rock bottom and you really don’t give a damn about yourself

Don’t go on a dating site with a name like Mysterious Mo, you are asking for trouble, unless it’s trouble that you want!

How about Energy?

People do say that I have quite a lot of energy. So that's what I talk about. I can give you some quick and easy tips that can help you lift your energy levels and we all need that. 

The more energy we have the brighter we feel and we are more able to do the things that we enjoy.