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People do say that I have quite a lot of energy. They are right. Most of the time. I’m approaching midlife so sometimes I feel like I haven’t got any energy at all. Sometimes I feel like I’m 20 again. On the other side of things, when my daughter messes me about with her bath or my partner wakes me up in the night, I feel 100. In my quest for more energy there are few little things that I could suggest that you Google in the pursuit of more energy. These are some of things that you are going to think are bonkers but I need more people around me who are just as bonkers as me so I start to feel a bit normal lol!

Remember I'm not medically trained and you have to experiment with yourself to see if these things work. Try them at least four times to give it all a good go.

Apple Cider Vinegar – general health benefits for your gut. Alkalises your system. Lowers blood sugar. Tastes vile but causes a lot of entertainment whilst at the breakfast table as you try and get it down.

Night time meditation – this is not something you add onto your list. You plug in your headphones, drift off and wake up in the morning feeling lovely

432 Hz music. Google it. And drift off to it

Spa Tone – a natural water high in iron and you take it from a pouch.

Play dead - Lie on the floor on your back as often as you can it normalises your system. Google Corpse Pose

Check out Adrenal Fatigue –  If you are stressed, look it up. It’s not a medically diagnosed condition but you might learn something. Adrenal Glands sit on top of your kidneys and when you have been stressed for a while they stop working correctly. When I realised I'd got it I started eating more protein and more fat and drinking pints of salt water (yep, salt water) and I soon started to pick up

Yoga – I’ve never met anyone who regrets starting yoga. You can even get it on your phone. Yoga energises, not exhausts like most fitness regimes. There’s a real difference between the two.  Yoga releases tension, builds strength and improves posture and means that you are more likely to move more efficiently. And its equally challenging. It also really horrendous at times too but worth it over the longer term.

Accuppuncture – don’t hide behind the excuse that you don’t like needles. It can free up your energy channels. For the same reason, experiment with Rheiki, and reflexology.

Google Hyperventilation syndrome.

I hope you have some fun trying some of these things out on yourself. Always seek medical advice first. 

How to increase your energy levels