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Jo's Keynote - Leading with Ease

Millions of leaders each day complain of unrealistic deadlines, unsurmountable workloads, and overbearing bosses. Millions of hours are lost every year as corporate leaders go off sick under the pressure of juggling work and home life.  One in six people suffer from mental health issues and middle managers are one of the most stressed out professions next to GP's and the emergency services. Nobody starts their working life expecting making a living, to be so challenging. Over nearly 20 years Jo has worked with thousands of leaders through her workshops, courses, talks and seminars and by evaluating those leaders who seem to have balance, perspective and fun in their professional lives, she has developed a six step process to make leadership easier. She calls it Leading with Ease.

Good leaders are those who are in control of their emotions, who take the stress out of work for their team and are those who inspire people to find a way round obstacles. Good leaders are those who make it look easy.

There are six principles to 'Leading with Ease' :

1. Knowing : knowing yourself and trusting yourself

2. Inspire : Inspiring yourself and inspiring others

3. Strategy : leading through uncertain times 

4. Commitment : taking mindful, committed, purposeful actions

5. Pace : preventing burnout within the team

6. Process : sticking to the plan by being disciplined with the process

The old outdated notions of Leadership such as the overly-competitive ideas of 'push,' 'force,' 'compete,' 'demand', do not serve the workforces of today. The workforce of today are more sophisticated and less tolerant than they once were and if pushed to breaking point they will leave their jobs or worse, they disengage. Old-fashioned ideas of leadership simply serve to put pressure on people and will lead to deteriorating results. In her talks she can show you what she means in practise through the practical activities that are included within her talk.

Her thought-provoking ideas take the complicated theories of Leadership and make them easy to understand and apply for everyone. People leave her sessions feeling inspired and invigorated.

Jo can also share some personal stories if you would like her to, of some of the difficulties she has overcome. The main messages of her talks are that taking mindful, consistent and purposeful action is much better than pushing ourselves to the limit every day, half killing ourselves in the process.