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I was born in a place called Coventry which is in the centre of the UK. At age 16 I was desperate to get to work and earn my own money. My first job was in the Civil Service where I dished out dole cheques to the homeless. At 19 I went into the Motor Industry and spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder. To me, it was all about the big salary, the company car and the pension. Then after 15 years came the biggest shock of all. I was made redundant. Shortly after that I discovered Motivational CD's and I followed them to the letter. The first one I bought was called 'Change Your Life in 7 days' and because there was nothing in my life worth writing home about I devoured it. That's when it all went wrong and I completely lost my way. In 2005, I was picked to go on TV Show called The Apprentice because by now I was absolutely high all the time on the 'pump' of my new found religion and was bound to make good telly.  Myself and the production team then went on and did a really good job of making look even more crazy than I was in real life. I quickly become the butt of everyone's jokes and for good reason. By now I was dubbed' Sir Alan Sugar's favourite nutter'. This was all I had to talk about. My crazy outbursts on the telly and trying to defend my daft actions. 

After the telly show, I continued to follow the motivational CD's until I realised that none of them worked. Collapsing under the pressure of trying to be something I'm not I realised I had to find my own way. Copying anyone else's ideas is tiring and will eventually catch you out. The conclusion of all of that is that I've realised that we all have to become our own 'guru' and we all have to keep experimenting until we find what works for us.

If you are looking for an Elite Achiever I'm not your woman because I am not and never will be 'ELITE'. I don't want to be either. Of course there is relevancy in the messages of the elite but I think what's more important is 'balance'. Most of us have other priorities to consider not just own own needs and wants.

Perhaps you're not 'elite' either but there is plenty to be learned from enjoying being 'average', lowering the bar and setting intentions rather than goals because goals you can miss and intentions you can't. Life, I find these days, is much more about 'enjoyment' than it is about 'achievement'. The weird thing about that though is that when you take the pressure off yourself and start to relax a little bit, your results tend to improve.

Derek Luckhurst IPA

"Jo is one of the most professional people I've ever worked with AND she makes people laugh" 

Sally Bourner Former Chief Superintendent - West Midlands Police

"Jo shares some really valuable reflections. Glad I take the time to read what Jo says and I would encourage you too"

About Me

Jo Cameron BEng MA.

  • 1989 - Became Coventry Apprentice of the Year
  • 1991-  Graduated in Manufacturing Engineering
  • 1991 - Started Career in Engineering in the Automotive sector
  • 1998 - Completed Post Graduate Diploma in People Management
  • 2002 - Graduated with Distinction for my MA in Leadership
  • Continued to progress the corporate ranks
  • Held several senior management positions in Sales, HR and Communications
  • 2004 - Left the Automotive industry to start my company, now known as RedMane Group
  • 2005 - Started talking for a living
  • 2006 - My TV experience on The Apprentice
  • 2006 - Started writing for the BBC and The Guardian
  • 2007 - Lost The Weakest Link, then won The Weakest Link
  • 2007 - Created Women's Awards Events and a professional Development Community
  • 2015 - Became a BBC Radio presenter
  • 2016 - Landed my own Breakfast Show on local radio
  • 2017 - Set up The RedMane Leadership and Management Development Centre at Ardencote, Warwick UK

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That's life....

I've done many things during my time. Some of which I am pleased with, some of which have been terrible. I've met some fantastic people in my life and I have met many who I would never like to come across ever again. There's been some high points and there have been some very low ones. Just now in 2017 I'm nearing my mid-life. Some days I feel like I'm 20 again, some days when I'm practising my favourite hobby of yoga I feel 70!

I never thought that I would have been invited into Theresa May office (the UK Prime Minister) before she was elected, discussing shoes. On the other hand I never thought I would be on death's door a few more times than I like to remember. But that's life I suppose.

These days, you are most likely to find me practising yoga or trying to answer the never ending question "Am I bringing up my daughter well?". You might find me out on the golf course practising my chipping (as there is a long way to go with that), or sitting and having a brew on the bench outside our shop / office with my partner Julian Mellor, planning the next energising module on our Leadership Programmes with golf for our company RedMane

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