• 1989 - Became Coventry Apprentice of the Year
  • 1991-  Graduated in Manufacturing Engineering
  • 1991 - Started Career in Engineering in the Automotive sector
  • 1998 - Completed Post Graduate Diploma in People Management
  • 2002 - Graduated with Distinction for my MA in Leadership
  • Continued to progress the corporate ranks
  • Held several senior management positions in Sales, HR and Communications
  • 2004 - Left the Automotive industry to start my company, now known as RedMane Group
  • 2005 - Started talking for a living
  • 2006 - My TV experience on The Apprentice
  • 2006 - Started writing for the BBC and The Guardian
  • 2007 - Lost The Weakest Link, then won The Weakest Link
  • 2007 - Created Women's Awards Events and a professional Development Community
  • 2015 - Became a BBC Radio presenter
  • 2016 - Landed my own Breakfast Show on local radio
  • 2017 - Set up The RedMane Leadership and Management Development Centre at Ardencote, Warwick UK

Derek Luckhurst IPA

"Jo is one of the most professional people I've ever worked with AND she makes people laugh" 

Sally Bourner Former Chief Superintendent - West Midlands Police

"Jo shares some really valuable reflections. Glad I take the time to read what Jo says and I would encourage you too"

The Ten Year Round Trip ......

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The ten year trip hasn't been a bowl of cherries. 
In the previous year to meeting Julian,  it had been a year of highs and lows. In the Spring of 2006 I found myself on one of the most successful TV shows of all time in the UK. A show called The Apprentice. “That was it” I thought. “I’ve made it”. I could now officially call myself a success (you can see where it’s going wrong already can’t you). I thought that this would change my life. I was being treated to dinner in the poshest restaurants, I was hob-nobbing with stars on the red carpet and I’d been offered stupid money to go on more reality TV shows. I suspect you are lot brighter than me. You might have been wiser that me and not gone on the telly in the first place. There really isn’t any good reason for me going on it, other than my life must have been pretty rough at the time to think that putting myself through an ordeal on a reality TV show was quite a good idea. It didn't quite work out how I'd planned. Parts of it was a great experience but mostly after the TV experience I completely and utterly lost my way.

By the Autumn of that year I was broke. Not only financially but spiritually and emotionally.  In every single way describable, I would have said I was a lost soul. 

On August 31st that’s when part of me died. At 0630 that morning I gave birth to my first daughter. At 1240 less than a few hours later, she was pronounced dead.

At that moment, part of me died too. Every single minute of that day I can remember. From the shower that I took to try and get myself straight to tell my parents when they came in later that day. From the agonising decisions that I had to take that day whilst my partner was travelling back from business in the Czech Republic. How on earth do you prepare for that? The text messages that I sent to my friend to tell her to turn back home and I would call her later. To the heart-breaking moment my mum and dad cradled Baby Emmeline in their arms as they said goodbye.

It was a hell of a day. No other way to describe it. Hell on earth.

As you can imagine, it left me with a lot of gaping wounds. Some of which may still be lying dormant to this day. Who knows? But gaping holes they were.

SO as you can imagine it took me some time to look back and see things from a different perspective.


Spin forward ten years. Life is good. I'm back in a pro shop with the man who I met ten years ago and let the next chapter begin