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Jo Cameron BEng MA : Talker. Thinker. Making Hard Work of It



"Jo's talk today was fantastic. Even the most hard to please went away with lots of things to think about. Everyone took so much from it that they want us to do it again" Sian Heath-Halley - Midlands Co-Chair - KPMG Network of Women

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I'm an Engineer by background. During 15 years in the corporate world I held several senior management roles in Sales, HR and Training. During that time I studied a Post-Graduate DIploma and got a Distinction for my Masters Degree which led me to lecturing on MBA Programmes. Since 2004 I've been running my own company.  There is more here

Making Hard Work of It : My Ten Year Journey Back to Square One

My goodness me. I’ve made hard work of my life. If there is anyone who was going to get the gold medal for getting it wrong it’s me.

It’s took me ten years to get back to square one…

Ten years ago (well just a little bit over that now) I walked in a golf club wanting to learn to play golf. I’d put on my tightest white jeans, the highest heels (well let’s face it you never know who you are going to meet and what else would you wear to find out about golf lessons lol) and bulldozed my way into the pro shop. As bold as brash I proclaimed “I Want to learn to play golf”

Ten years later I find myself back in a pro shop with the pro, Julian Mellor who taught me to play golf running the Leadership and Management Development Company RedMane Group.