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"Jo's talk today was fantastic. Even the most hard to please went away with lots of things to think about. Everyone took so much from it that they want us to do it again" Sian Heath-Halley - Midlands Co-Chair - KPMG Network of Women

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I'm an Engineer by background. During 15 years in the corporate world I held several senior management roles in Sales, HR and Training. During that time I studied a Post-Graduate DIploma and got a Distinction for my Masters Degree which led me to lecturing on MBA Programmes. Since 2004 I've been running my own company.  There is more here

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Here are some thoughts....

I hate Motivational Speakers. I hate the fact even more that I used to call myself one. To be honest, it's not Motivational Speakers I hate per se, it's the same old platitudes that they trot out that I hate. Let's think about them. Here are some of my favourites "Never Give Up", "Set your Goals and stop at nothing until you've achieved them", "Fake it till you make it", "Keep pushing the boundaries", "Strive for Excellence", "Make Everyday Outstanding". Let's face it. Every day can't be outstanding. If you've just been diagnosed with a life threatening illness or your baby hasn't slept for two years and you're exhausted, just to get to the end of the day is an achievement. Sometimes giving up is the best option if you are physically, emotionally and spiritually broken. The idea of 'push' and 'force' are outdated. They might work in the short term but longer term these old fashioned ideas can leave your stressed and exhausted.

It is because of these reasons that I don't like to call myself a 'speaker'. I have some ideas, yes, and I can talk about them. If you agree with me about Motivational Speakers I'm sure they will resonate with you. The concepts I share are all founded in lots of years of research but I am not your Guru. You have to become your own 'guru.

Why I hate motivational speakers

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Jo Cameron MA. Talker. Thinker. And Why I Hate Motivational Speakers


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